When I first moved to NYC, I supported myself as a general contractor while pursuing a career in music. I realized during this time that I really loved working with wood and it fulfilled my creative needs. I gave up both general contracting and music to fully concentrate on woodworking. I knew I made the right choice because I could support myself and be creative at the same time.  

I have been making wood cabinets and furniture in New York and the surrounding area for over 20 years. From small to large jobs, I have personally crafts each piece myself.

The most rewarding part of my job is when a customer tells me they like my finished product, because I know they will have my pieces for years to come.

I am happy to work with architects, contractors, designers and also directly with the homeowners themselves.I make everything from small tables to large cabinetry jobs. I will follow your plans exactly as is or work with clients directly to design their pieces with them.

I also create and sell my own furniture. For my own work, I like to combine multiple kinds of wood in a single piece of furniture and extenuate interesting grains. 

Thanks for your interest! 

Jonny Mohr